Online Sportsbooks That Accept Oklahoma Residents

Although there are millions of American citizens who participate in online sports betting every day, many Oklahoma residents are still unsure as to whether or not they can legally partake in the pastime. Concerns of safety and Oklahoma state sports betting laws are often the cause of uncertainty regarding the topic. Natives of the Sooner state should be pleased to learn that in reality, there are dozens of online sportsbooks that accept Oklahoma residents.

Our page will give you the framework surrounding the legality of online sportsbooks in Oklahoma, along with the best places to safely bet online. By the time you are done reading, you should be able to determine what to look for in a sports betting site and why OK residents choose to bet at offshore online sportsbooks.

Legality Of Oklahoma Online Sportsbooks

It does not take long to discuss the laws in Oklahoma regarding online sports betting being that there are not any. Like most states, Oklahoma has not created any specific laws that ban the use of offshore online sportsbooks. You will find general laws regarding sports betting in the state, however, these just deem the act of becoming a bookie as illegal, and has no mention of the casual sports fan placing an online bet. The legality of Oklahoma online sportsbooks is not a concern worth having, and you will not be breaking any laws by choosing to use a reputable overseas sports betting site.

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe?

Online sportsbooks are completely safe for OK natives to use. You will find that the online sports betting sites that we recommend all cater to American citizens and provide the safest betting experience possible. With no laws in OK outlawing the use of these sites, and the extra safety precautions taken by the offshore sportsbooks, you have nothing to worry about. Anytime you enter financial information while sports betting online, your details are encrypted with an SSL certificate that keeps your data safe. There are also verification measures in place that make using an online sportsbook safer than most websites when it comes to fraud and identity theft prevention. Oklahoma residents can feel completely at ease while betting on sports online.

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Best Online Sportsbooks For Oklahoma Residents

Though there are dozens of online sportsbooks to choose from, what we consider the best online sportsbooks for Oklahoma residents have to meet certain criteria. There is much more than convenience that goes into choosing the best place to bet online. For one, the site must have a reliable reputation and be secure. We verify this by checking where the operator is licensed and regulated. Aside from safety, the sportsbook needs to provide a superior gaming experience. This means that the sportsbook itself is easy to navigate and has special features such as live and mobile betting. The online sportsbooks that go above and beyond meeting these standards are SportsBetting, BetOnline, and Bovada.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Lifetime Bonuses + Mobile App

While there are a handful of online sportsbooks that fit the bill, BetOnline is the sportsbook that is best for Oklahoma players. BetOnline has been around for over two decades, making them one of the longest standing sports betting sites around. They are also one of the few sites that cater to US players and have been accepting residents of the Sooner State since the beginning. There are a few distinct advantages that BetOnline offers to those residing in OK that other sportsbooks do not, and you can keep reading to find out what those are!

BetOnline hands down has the best bonuses for Oklahoma players. The 50% Welcome bonus is the biggest of any of our recommended sportsbooks, offering a 50% match on your initial deposit up to $2,500. The site also has incentives even after your first deposit, as you can enjoy the 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee where you can earn up to $1,000 in free plays on all future reloads. Those special features we discussed earlier? Well, BetOnline has an in-game betting section that is more expansive than those you will find elsewhere. Whether you want to bet on the Sooners or the OKC Thunder, you are guaranteed to find adjusted moneylines, totals, and props in the live betting section. Where other sportsbooks run into issues optimizing their mobile apps, BetOnline’s mobile betting site is almost identical to their desktop version. You can easily join the sportsbook, make a deposit, and place your first wager all from your iPhone, iPad, Windows tablet, or other handheld devices.

You can sign up for a free BetOnline account now, or continue to research the other online sports betting sites that are ideal for OK residents. Bovada and SportsBetting also have much to offer in terms of quick deposits and fast withdrawals, so check them out and starting putting money on your favorite sports teams today!

Sports Betting Sites That Accept Oklahoma Players
Sportsbook Bonus Oklahoma Welcome? Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 First Deposit Yes Visit
SportsBetting 50% Match On First Deposit Yes Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook $1,000 On All Deposits - 25% Yes Visit
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $200 Then 20% To $500 Yes Visit
Learn More About Oklahoma Sports Betting Laws

Though we have given you the basic knowledge you need when it comes to deciding if online Oklahoma sports betting is safe, there are more in-depth aspects of the law that you may want to become familiar with. Our detailed Oklahoma Gambling Laws and Statutes page will go further into detail on all aspects of legal gambling within the state. This page is extremely beneficial in not only giving a thorough explanation of sports betting laws, but also in giving more confidence when it comes to understanding what to look for in an offshore sports betting site that offers legal gambling for Oklahoma residents.